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Daycare Enrollment Packet

Hello and welcome. This website serves as a vessel to sell the above Daycare Enrollment Forms Packet. The packet comes complete with all the necessary forms (PDF and DOC) one needs to enroll/register a new child into your daycare. The forms herein are tailor made for a family home daycare, but of course can be easily adapted to suit any child care situation.

Running a successful daycare business is no easy task. It takes a tremendous amount of patience and a genuine appreciation for what the job entails. It also takes a good business sense in order to run successfully - long term. That starts, in part, by conveying your daycare policies in the most accurate and transparent way possible, upfront and clearly, via your daycare enrollment/registration forms. I have been a daycare provider for over 15 years. The above forms are what I gathered, built, and personally use to enroll children into my daycare. I personally wrote most of each and every word therein, custom made to be as complete and user friendly as possible. I have put an enormous amount of thought into each - accounting for every lesson learned over the past 15 years. All in an effort to completely mitigate all likely child care matters, that can, and do arise.

Each example form above is cut in half to give a taste of its value. The purchased zip/packet of course comes with the full PDF and its mirrored accompanying Microsoft Word Doc (so you can edit each if needed). Furthermore, when applicable, each area is clearly labeled where you would want to put in your name, business name, etc so you can personally adapt each to fit your daycare brand and business model. If you have any questions please feel free to email me using the contact link below.

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